THE CAST OF ‘AMERICAN PIE’: Where Will They Be Now?

THE CAST OF ‘AMERICAN PIE’: Where Will They Be Now?

The movie movie stars for the films that pioneered a particular model of raunchiness have experienced extremely varying quantities of success since 2003’s « US Wedding. « 

Here is a hint: you understand how often, the hot woman from twelfth grade sort of falls off the pedestal plus the band geeks become millionaires?

That is more or less everything we have with this particular lot.

Mena Suvari (Heather)

Suvari has centered on indie films like « Mysteries of Pittsburgh » and « Factory woman.  » She has also been on HBO’s « Six Feet Under. « 

She had been set to star whilst the lead in intimate comedy « The Knot » and « Last Stop,  » a thriller with Brian Austin Green a year ago; nonetheless, the movie continues to haven’t been released.

Tara Reid (Vicky)

Reid had good operate on « Scrubs » and an improved run of Lohanesque moments.

Shannon Elizabeth (Nadia)

Elizabeth happens to be a serious—and pretty successful—poker player. In 2005, she outplayed 91 individuals to win $120,000 at a fresh 12 months’s Eve Poker Tournament at Caesars Palace.

She additionally appeared on period six of « Dancing With the Stars » and kindled a love with party partner, Derek Hough, for over per year.

Chris Klein (Oz)

Klein starred in the comedy « simply Friends » and recently from the brand brand brand new FX series « Wilfred » which ended up being renewed for the season that is second this June.

We additionally had a chuckle whenever this hilarious « Mamma Mia!  » audition tape surfaced, crazy eyes and all sorts of.

Natasha Lyonne (Jessica)

Lyonne went only a little crazy for some time; nevertheless, she recently received raves into the show that is off-BroadwayLove, Loss and the things I Wore. « 

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