The benefits and drawbacks of Dating in senior high school

The benefits and drawbacks of Dating in senior high school

Once I had been 14, we selected never to date until we had finished highschool. I do believe my thinking in the past ended up being that We knew dating should assist me personally find whom I’m to marry and I also knew I happened to be too young to obtain hitched any time soon.

That, and I also ended up being nevertheless terrified to speak with guys anywho.

We never ever wavered about this choice my freshman and sophomore several years of twelfth grade. But junior year? Well, I became crushing hard on some body and might perhaps not remember why in the world we focused on no relationship in senior school.

That cold weather, my youth team had a lock-in and something of my actually good friends (who had been two years avove the age of me and thus had currently finished school that is high came to assist away. I had formerly talked to her about my crush and my choice never to date in senior high school. Around 3 have always been, she was asked by me when we could talk.

“i simply do not know why we shouldn’t date in senior high school any longer. Just how do I know if that’s really a good notion? I ought ton’t stick to something if We don’t understand the reasons, right? That we stated I’d do once I had been 14” She was asked by me.

She and I also then grabbed a bit of paper and brainstormed all of the pros and cons of dating in senior high school. I nevertheless have that list, and i’m sharing it with you today.

Here’s exactly what we arrived up with…

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